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website designer SEO Kansas City

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A message from our founder, Dany Alnas.

Unlike most marketing companies, this one was created by "accident". It all started with finding a marketing company for my former business partner and employer. When no other marketing company could do it right for us, I took on the job myself, having over 7 years of personal experience in Web Design, SEO and Content Creation.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve gotten so clever at creating methods to acquire customers, that we’ve been able to work with several brands, businesses and even manufacturers across the nation.

At Digitize KC, we are constantly looking for skilled talent to bring onto our team.

Apply to speak with us and I assure you the call alone will bring enough value to show you that we have the strategies to help you scale your business with advertising, SEO & Web Design.

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Dany Alnas | Founder

My inspiration for computer science, software and web design stems from my father, a Senior Software Developer for Raytheon. This carries along to my brother, a Cyber Security Software Developer for the Federal Government. Combine that family background with creative passion for small business places me right into the Web Design and Marketing field.

We're not just an agency you outsource your marketing to.

We become an integral part of your team.

Most web designers sell “cookie-cutter” websites. These are pre-made themes or templates from other generic "site builders". Do they look good? Yes, but they do nothing to help you rank on Google organically.

We take the headache of marketing away, so you can focus on your business.

Our systems will help you get to the next level and generate massive ROI.


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